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October 16, 2008
Former Sacramento resident David Bell was healthy when AgraQuest, a Davis firm that manufactures biological pesticides, hired him as a researcher and technician in August 1998. Five months later, he came down with severe flu symptoms. His face and teeth grew numb. Breathing became difficult and he developed severe headaches. His nose bled and his sputum turned bloody. - Read More.......
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of Deregulation and Bio-Tech Worker David Bell By Steve Zeltzer
March 30, 2008
"This industry is also one of the most important industries in California, receiving hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money for research at the University of California at Davis and other campuses. Over 2/3 of the biotech companies are also within the state of California. The development and research on these products is also funded by the US military for warfare."

David Bell was working Laginex Project and although Laginex (lagenidium giganteum) had already been registered with the EPA and

Agraquest got an employee sick
Posted by sick on 10/29/06
    RE: AgraQuest - For those that may be interested:
    Dave was sick after only working for 4 months. Had to go to emergency medical
    clinic, an ent the next day and less than `1/2 month had 1st sinus surgery. He
    went back to work and continued to be sick and everyone knew it. His term of
    employment (assistant researcher) was 6 months to 1 year and was told "his
    position was being terminated". -