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 Sandi Trend, Mother of Injured Biotech Worker David Bell Charges Failure To
Prosecute Fraud by DA's [Yolo County and Sacramento County Workers’
Compensation Fraud Units]

Medical Documentation of David Bell's Illness
Relevant Legal Documents pertaining to Workers Comp Issues at Agraquest

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A listing of bacteria that is sometimes used by these type of companies that has caused human illness and death.

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Histoplasma capsulatum and known to be on the Downey property is why these links are relevant.

Workers Comp at the Kaiser Papers


As OSHA's director of health standards, Finkel was in charge of establishing permissible exposure limits for toxics in the workplace.

David Bell became ill from genetically manipulated biologicals while working at AgraquestIn Northern California, in the town of  a now former employee set up three biotechnology companies.  The first company went out of business shortly after it's creator left.   Some employees from the second firm, , became seriously ill. The Agraquest company went out of its way to prevent the very ill people from receiving adequate medical care,  provide for time lost from work and in general did everything possible to mislead the .  

Was it because they were luring high powered, well connected investors and could not chance any negative publicity?

Were the people that participated in what appears to be a genuine coverup also financially involved?   

Read the material and decide for yourself.  Everyone, including the sleepy little town of Davis seems to
have forgotten about United Nations 2003 - .  Follow the index down to learn more.  

This is a new topic for most people, but it is one that people must begin to understand for their own safety.  
Genetically altered biological products are not natural but they are also not necessarily bad.
 Both types of products - chemical or biological -  can make people very sick and both types of products can and do kill. Just because a product is natural does not make it safe!

SOME BASIC BACKGROUND ON THE TOPIC:  The French documentary, named “The world according to Monsanto” which was directed by independent filmmaker Marie-Monique Robin, paints a grim picture of a company with a long track record of environmental crimes and health scandals.

From 1983 to 1990, Pam MarronePam Marrone was in charge of the Insect Control group at . Her group was instrumental in pioneering projects in genetically engineered microbial pesticides and transgenic crops for insect control.  After Monsanto, Pam was founding president of . Later, Pam left to start up a new company called

One of the Agraquest employees was a young man; David Bell.  He was a student at CSU Sacramento  and had accepted a job with Agraquest in .  He was one semester away from receiving his Bachelor of Science degree from California State University, Sacramento, with a major in biology and a minor in chemistry.
was working on the Project and although Laginex () had already been and a had already been issued by the U.S., David was employed to find a viable agent to extend the shelf life of this fungi type organism.

In the following short video some of the material that has infected these microbiologists that are being denied WC coverage. This material came out of one of the AgraQuest employees that was exposed to their products.  Click the following to view the film clip:
When David became infected from the organisms in the lab Agraquest, willfully violated :  

EPA  Regulation - FIFRA 6(a)(2) •Regulating Biopesticides FIFRA 6(a)(2)

•Regulating Biopesticides FIFRA 6(a)(2) Before a pesticide can be marketed and used in the United States, the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) requires that EPA evaluate the proposed pesticide to assure that its use will not pose unreasonable risks of harm to human health and the environment. This regulation involves an extensive review of health and safety information.


One of the life forms that Marrone and her crew were genetically modifying is Lagenidium giganteum.  Around the time that this  life form was being altered, a new disease emerged that has been named .  Prior to this manipulation of the genetic structure of  Lagenidium giganteum it was unheard of or "unrecognized" for it to cause illness in humans. At the same time no one known had ever mixed in a genetically modified brew of "Swamp Cancer" Child with pythiosis in Texas- with Lagenidium giganteum before either.  See:
  The following is some background information on lagenidium giganteum.  Please note that some of this is contrary to outdated so you can understand why while it may sound as if it is innoculous, some people believe that it  can be very dangerous:

Lagenidium giganteum is an which is pathogenic to a number of mosquito species, including Aedes,  Culex,  Anopheles and Culiseta (Tanada and Kaya 1993).

. The life cycle begins with a motile zoospore (asexual stage) that seeks out mosquito larvae, attaching to and penetrating the cuticle via a germ tube. The fungus grows inward, eventually filling the body cavity and killing the mosquito larva. The fungus can then be released from the infected cadaver, generating more zoospores that can infect other larvae. The sexual cycle produces oospores that can maintain the fungus during unfavorable conditions, such as long periods of drought. Upon flooding, oospores release infective zoospores to start the cycle again.
. Only one species of the genus Lagenidium is known to be a facultative parasite of mosquito larvae, namely Lagenidium giganteum. It consists of two stages: oospores (sexual), and zoospores (asexual) (See Fig. 1). Although this fungus has been named Lagenidium culicidum Umphlett in some publications (Umphlett and Huang 1970; McCray et al. 1973), this was later shown to be Lagenidium giganteum (Couch and Romney 1973).]

The that the FDA refers to resulted in hospitalization of at least one of the employees involved in studying this product!  The FDA either was not aware of this information when they made their report or do not care. - This particular fungi/water mold needs water to live.  Humans and animals are composed of water, just like the inside of insects.  

To your left you may view - Workers Comp, The Destruction Of CAL-OSHA/EPA And The Case Of David Bell - 58 min - May 13, 2008.  This is a very powerful video in which 
former Senior Public Medical Officer for and part of the  UCSF  Occupational
Environmental Medicine Department discusses the lack of CAL/OSHA standards with respect to oversight within the industry
"Labor On The Job" focuses on the case of Agraquest biotech worker David Bell. Bell who worked in Davis, CA at a biotech laboratory owned by former Monsanto scientist was infected with fungus and bacteria while working. He and his family have faced a terrifying battle for healthcare and justice from injuries on the job. The  material found to be growing in his body  was found to be earlier patented by scientists at the laboratory.   He has since been prevented from getting full healthcare needed to save his life. The corruption and breakdown of the workers compensation system is connected to the deregulation of workers compensation and the elimination of all medical doctors at Ca-OSHA. Joining the show is his mother Sandi Trend,   Larry Rose, the last Ca-OSHA doctor and , author of "."

David Bell was working with the Liginex project.  Laginex is the now packaged life form
L. giganteum.

"LAGINEX ASŪ": It is EPA registered (No. 69592-Y) as an aqueous suspension with the trade name Laginex ASŪ . The product label contains the signal word "CAUTION."  The package goes on to say that this is safe to humans but do not discharge it into lakes, ponds, etc., without a permit.

Received: 26 December 2006  Accepted: 7 February 2007  Published online: 4 March 2007

The above is very interesting and raises the question of where are the actual test results showing this water fungus to be safe?  Employees of Agraquest are sick from it and there is medical documentation standing behind that statement.  See:

Laginex, which is a fungus that infects mosquito larvae in water, has been sold to several counties as well as Disney World. There have been some problems, however...........


1) "Tadeusz Molinski, a professor in the department of chemistry at the
University of California at Davis and a member of AgraQuest's scientific advisory

On  May 1, 1997, the New Active Ingredient for Laginex was DENIED by the EPA - See Item 199 -
Note: The Above material is mirrored from since removed from web page formerlly at:

Earlier this year AgraQuest secured $3 million in private financing through an investment group led by
Rockefeller & Co.'s Odyssey Fund -- a New York-based venture capital fund specializing in socially responsible investments.